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Stuff so fun, it should be outlawed


Cartoon of man in green hood cocking a bow

Think you have the mind and quick whit of Robin Hood himself? Download the Robin Hood Fun Activity Pack (pdf, 2MB) to see if you have what it takes to be an outlaw in the forests of England!

BSL and Makaton

Speak BSL or Makaton or are learning? Watch our videos below that show how to sign the word ‘hood’. They will help you tell the story of Robin Hood.



That is not all!

Watch the story telling of Robing Hood and the Hunter to hear how Robin and Little John came up against two of their most fearsome foes. Also read our article about the different types of bows that Robin and his men may have used and our article about the legend of Robin Hood. Was he real? Was he as nice as we all think he was? Did he actually have a band of followers that included Maid Marion and Friar Tuck? Find out!

Alternative communication formats

Please contact us if you require any of our downloadable documents in an alternative format.

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