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Meet team Canada

Representing team Canada at our annual International Jousting tournament is Jean-Francois Drapeau and Jessy Dufresne.

Jean-Francois Drapeau

Jean-Francois is a seasoned jouster, having competed in tournaments all over the world.

Jean-Francois Drapeau in armour on horseback


If you want peace prepare for war

By day

Jean-Francois has been a house-builder for more than 20 years. He lives in Calgary near the Rocky Mountains and is a member of several medieval re-enactment groups, including the Quebec Medieval Association and the Calgary Society of Tilt and Lance.

By night

Since boyhood Jean-Francois has been passionate about chivalry, sword fighting, and dragons. He has taught sword fighting for more than 25 years and participated in jousting tournaments around the world, including in Canada, Denmark, Poland and Finland, always accompanied by his faithful squire Eric.

Jessy Dufresne

Jessy has participated in many jousting competitions at home in Canada, and in Finland.

Jessy Dufresne in armour on horseback


God guide me in adversity

By day

French Canadian Jessy lives near Quebec City. He and his wife have been teaching horse-riding for 20 years at the equestrian centre founded by his father.

By night

As a youngster, he rode bareback in rodeos and won a championship in eastern Canada. In 2009, he began to compete in medieval equestrian sports. Jessy has organised his own tournament for eight years and jousted successfully in international competitions.

Over the bank holiday weekend, jousters from team Canada, team Poland, team USA,  and the Royal Armouries own team UK will compete for the coveted Sword of Honour and prestigious Queen’s Jubilee Trophy in a weekend of events.

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