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How to plan a Tudor tournament: 1520

Exactly 500 years ago Armouries staff were sent to what is now Belgium to buy weapons for the Field of Cloth of Gold. Inspired by a single archive that details their names and expenditure, this is their story.

Over eight episodes, “Richard Pellande” will regale us with their adventures.

Episode 1: Bruges, 10th April 1520
Episode 2: Brussels, 17th April 1520
Episode 3: ‘Swords & States’, Antwerp, 24th April 1520
Episode 4: ‘Rivets & Rebels’, Mechelin, 1st May 1520
Episode 5: ‘Mules and Monarchs’, Brussels, 8th May 1520
Episode 6: ‘Mills and Miracles’. Oudenburgh,
Episode 7: ‘Stores and Seas’. Calais, 22nd May 1520
Episode 8: ‘Deadlines and Destinies’ Calais, 29th May 1520

The Field of Cloth of Gold was a diplomatic summit between the Henry VIII of England and Francis I of France between the 7th – 24th June 1520. The summit was an extravagant display of royal magnificence which was expected to consolidate the peace between England and France after decades of warfare. The event was a grand tournament involving jousting, tourneys and foot combat. Immortalised in works of art and eye-witness accounts The Field of Cloth of Gold was one of the most opulent diplomatic and sporting events ever staged.




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