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Christmas Wish

Definitely not the seasonal view we’ve come to expect.  Postcards as the social media of their day were just the job for last-minute Christmas wish posts. Perhaps Ade could have been a bit more generous and sent Christmas wishes, but perhaps hoped a single one would speed the journey?

Postcard of a a view of the White Tower from across the river

The view of the Tower from the Thames showing the Wharf cannon, the south face of the White Tower and looking east towards Tower Hill has remained popular through the decades. [ Were it not for the people leaning on the barrier watching the river pass by, one could be forgiven for thinking it a night-time shot, rather than a very dark printing.]* The White Tower sitting centre stage appears unchanging, but sharp-eyed viewers will note the clock resident in its NE tower from 1854 -1913.  To the east stands the gabled Main Guard, while beyond the trees the Mazawattee Tea House roof looms over Tower Hill – both buildings fell victim to 2 World War bombing raids. Today’s Wharf shelters behind a higher embankment as the river level rises, while the artful cluster of boats in the foreground are no longer as much a feature of modern river life.

A postcard with Christmas wish, address and date on the back

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