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The arrival of the FH70 at Fort Nelson

Our collection of artillery was enhanced with the addition of a Field Howitzer of 155mm calibre (FH-70). This system was originally a collaborative project between the UK, USA and Germany, all desirous to change older systems, which, in the case of the UK, was the 5.5-inch Medium Gun.

Field Howitzer of 155mm calibre (FH-70)

The arrival of the Field Howitzer of 155mm calibre (FH-70)

Field Howitzer of 155mm calibre (FH-70)

The FH70 included in Fort Nelson’s collection

FH70 gun, Fort Nelson

Looking along the barrel of the FH70

Rear view of FH70, Fort Nelson

Operator’s position on the FH70

The FH-70 is able to fire NATO standard ammunition including those with extended range base bleed capabilities and rocket assistance and providing a range of up to 30,000 metres (18.6 miles). The detachment was comprised of eight men and the firing rate between 3 and 6 rounds per minute. It was accepted into British service in 1976 and used until 1999. Several countries worldwide still count it amongst their artillery capability.

This gift comes courtesy of Hesco Bastion Ltd, a Leeds based company who manufacture modern gabions or collapsible wire mesh containers used for flood control or military fortifications.

The FH70 will be included in Fort Nelson’s astonishing collection of different artillery and guns ranging across centuries. Over 700 items of artillery from many countries and spanning 600 years are brought to life whilst sensitively telling the unique stories behind them. Visit our Collections Online to read more about the FH-70.

Aerial shot of Fort Nelson

Fort Nelson viewed from the air

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