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We publish facsimiles, illustrated guides, research materials, gift books and guidebooks. Our aim is to tell the compelling story of arms and armour through the ages – technology, material culture, decorative art, history, ownership and more.

The design and production values of our in-house books reflect our commitment to engage a broad audience in the absorbing world of arms and armour, and to offer an authoritative voice on contemporary issues. To this end, we actively seek publishing partnerships with other organisations.

All publications are sold to support the work of the Royal Armouries. They are available to purchase in the museum’s shops and online, and worldwide via our distribution partners.


Introduction to Arms and Armour series
Talking Points
Arms & Armour: Journal of the Royal Armouries


Contact us if you would like to submit a proposal for publication 

Do not send entire manuscripts in the first instance; we prefer to see one or two sample chapters and a detailed outline of the project.

Trade enquiries

UK and Europe – Unicorn Publishing Group 
USA – University of Chicago Press