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Film, game and media enquiries

We offer a wide range of services for video game, film and TV production companies, from independent projects to Hollywood blockbusters.

Of course, we recognise that each project is unique with its own individual requirements and we invite you to discuss with us, and how we can work together.

Do you require a location for a film, TV or video game production? We can help with that too.

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Royal Armouries Museum
Armouries Drive
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Landline: +44 (0) 113 220 1972

If you value the realistic representation of firearms, swords, armour, artillery, or castles and medieval fortifications in your production, then we can provide the expertise and knowledge to ensure technical, historical, and audio-visual accuracy.

We offer photography, 360-degree data-capture (scan, audio and video), media licensing, in-depth consultancy from our experts, and object handling training.

Additionally we can provide assistance to set and costume designers, with detailed, accurate, historical information, and inspiration to prop designers responsible for more fantastical projects in the Science Fiction or Fantasy genre.

Our collection, including the National Firearms Centre, has over 75,000 objects, which combined with our facilities and our experts, provides a unique single resource.

Summary of services we offer

Previous projects


Our relationship with the media, video game, and movie industry is an old one. Production companies and designers have often turned to us for advice and guidance on the accurate representation of arms and armour seen in many films, video games and television.

Video Games

TV and Radio

Print and Online

Locations for filming

Fort Nelson is a Victorian fort nestled on top of Portsdown Hill in Hampshire, overlooking the towns of Fareham and Portsmouth and with dramatic views of the English south coast. It is an ideal setting for your production.

The fort boasts a number of interesting and unusual features: outer fortifications and ramparts, winding underground tunnels, ammunition bunkers and original gun placements complete with the correct artillery. The possibilities and options for using the grounds of this Victorian fort and the artillery pieces it contains are varied.

In addition to the location, our expert curators are available as consultants to share their knowledge of the fort and the historic artillery.

Media and image licensing

We can arrange licensing of our high quality digital images, videos, and sound of our collection of over 75,000 objects, suitable for reproduction to illustrate your productions, publications, websites, DVDs and games.

Brand licensing

Find out more about becoming one of our Brand Licensing Partners. We are open to a wide variety of product ideas and would work closely with you and provide support in all areas: from product concept and development to marketing and distribution opportunities.