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Iason-Eleftherios Tzouriadis

Iason-Eleftherios Tzouriadis is Assistant Curator of European Edged Weapons at the Royal Armouries in Leeds.

Iason graduated from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in 2011 with a Degree in History, Archaeology and History of Art. During his undergraduate studies he participated in archaeological excavations in northern Greece and in research programmes that focused on museum studies and the heritage sector. Iason pursued an MA in Medieval Studies at the University of Leeds (2011-2012) where he also completed his PhD studies (2012-2017).

He is an active researcher, with a passion for art, particularly arms and armour, and has lectured in numerous international conferences, public engagement events and university seminars. He is one of the founders of the ‘Medieval Culture and War’ international conference platform. In 2021 he delivered a series of accredited specialised workshops on the study of arms and armour for the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. His research interests revolve around the study of arms and armour, their decoration, use and portrayal in art, foot combat tournaments, the equipment of martial elites and non-elites, typologies, European martial arts, martial identities, and the interpretation of objects as tangible products of martial culture.

He has previously worked as an assistant archivist for the Worshipful Company of Gold and Silver Wyre Drawers, and as a freelance consultant for private collections and royal households. He has curated international and local exhibitions in Italy, Belarus and Greece, on subjects such as European martial arts, arms and armour, and the soldier experience while working for the Martial Art Museum and regimental collections. Besides his experience in heritage, he has worked as an online editor for the ‘Martial Culture in Medieval Towns’ research project at the University of Bern. He joined the Royal Armouries as a Curatorial Assistant in March 2022.

In November 2022 Iason Tzouriadis was appointed Assistant Curator of European Edged Weapons.

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